As the National Convergence Initiative for Sustainable Rural Development (NCI-SRD) continues to pave the way for sustainable growth and economic development in rural convergence areas, it welcomes new chairpersons to lead its four (4) component working groups (CWGs) to greater heights.

The NCI-SRD sets the stage for its new chairpersons who are expected to steer the CWGs through the next three (3) years of notable advancement in the field of agriculture and ecosystem management, aggressive physical expansion in the convergence areas, and considerable economic progress in the countryside.

While we welcome the incoming CWG chairpersons, the NCI-SRD would like to thank the service and unending support of the outgoing CWG chairpersons who directed the CWGs to where they are today. Truly, convergence works!

Outgoing CWG Chairpersons

Capacity Development Component Working Group – Director Ric Enriquez, Ph.D. of DENR Human Resource and Development Service

Knowledge Management Component Working Group – OIC-Director Honorio Flameno, Ph.D. of DA-Information and Communications Technology Service

Incoming CWG Chairpersons