NGP Nursery at PO Vetfa, Pilar

Since the implementation of the National Greening Program in 2011, Carood Watershed is the priority area in the comprehensive site development (CSD) and support facilities which include the small farm reservoir (SFR) with the aim of providing water for NGP established plantations and profiling of inland wetlands.

Activities include:

1.National Greening Program (NGP) – 7,257.20 M

a.Seedling production & maintenance – 3,082.20 M

b.Maintenance of Established Plantation (2021) – 4,175.00 M

2.Profiling of Priority Inland Wetlands – 150.00 M

3.Small Water Impounding Structures (SWIS) – 2,198.00 M

For the current year’s target, a total of seventy-five (75) hectares will be established with Bamboo and 130 hectares of rattan in four (4) municipalities involving nine (9) barangays with thirty-two (32) family beneficiaries.  On the maintenance and protection of established plantations (MPEP) for the 2021 plantations, a total of 785 hectares were planted with bamboo while 162 hectares for timber in six (6) municipalities involving seventeen (17) barangays with a total of 224 family beneficiaries.

NGP Nursery at BLGU Mahayag, Alicia

Aside from the NGP, local residents will be benefited from other activities like profiling of priority inland wetland and the small water impounding structures as workers will be coming from the locality giving them additional income.###