mangrove planting

The Regional Convergence Initiative for Sustainable Rural Development (RCI-SRD) Central Visayas collaborated with the Carood Watershed Model Forest Management Council (CWFMC), Deutsche Gesellschaft fur International Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), and Zoological Society of London (ZSL) to fund, train and provide technical support to the people’s organizations in the region. Series of training and workshops in organizational management, planning, and updating the Integrated Coastal Resources Management (ICRM) were carried out to establish sustainable coastal protection in the areas affected by typhoons in the Carood Watershed.

To address the effects of climate change in the Carood Watershed, DENR Central Visayas supported the efforts of people’s organizations through the National Greening Program (NGP). The project aims to reforest the denuded portions of Carood Watershed Convergence and maintain the existing plantation in the area.

Organization Management and Capability Development Training

Reorganization and Management Planning Workshops were conducted to organize and strengthen the Suba MPA Management Council in Anda, Puntod Dako MPA Management Council in Mabini, and Guintaboan MPA Management Council in Ubay.

Mangrove Nursery Establishment Seminar

GIZ-Philippines and Zoological Society of London conducted a seminar on Mangrove Nursery Establishment attended by the Talisay Fishermen Association and Suba Fishermen Association of Anda. The participants’ basic knowledge of the uses and importance of mangroves was refreshed. The participants also underwent technical hands-on training, nursery establishment, outplanting, and care and maintenance.

Training on Mangrove Outplanting

The Mangrove Outplanting Approach was based on the Mangrove Rehabilitation Manual developed by ZSL. It aims to capacitate the people’s organizations on mangrove outplanting strategy, including the site selection for possible planting or outplanting, working rows distance for staking and making holes, leveling soil surface, and tying seedlings to stake to improve mangrove restoration. Cogtong Active Fisherfolk Association (COAFA) in Candijay, Bohol, and Del Mar Fishermen Association (DELFISA) in Mabini, Bohol were selected to implement mangrove outplanting strategies. The project was funded by the GIZ. ###